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Would you like a college coach guiding your application through the college admissions office, helping you to gain admission over students with higher GPAs and test scores?

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Linda Brower
Linda Brower, the primary consultant at College Sports Consulting LLC, brings valuable knowledge and experience to the high school student athlete self-recruiting process that is critical to success with college coaches.


  • We help high school student athletes get noticed by college coaches.  We provide proven techniques for self-promoting a high school student's athletic skills in the best possible light with the twin goals of:  
    • playing sports in college, and
    • earning athletic scholarships.  
  • We set high school student athletes on the course to satisfying the initial NCAA Eligibility Requirements during high school and help them to maintain NCAA Eligibility while in college.
  • We counsel high school student athletes and parents on the techniques for catching a college coach’s attention and keeping the student athlete high on the coach’s recruiting list.
  • We monitor the NCAA-legal landscape to keep abreast of all rule changes to help high school student athletes satisfy NCAA guidelines.    

Once in college, we consult with collegiate athletes and their parents on matters of Student Reinstatement and other matters of dispute with NCAA Enforcement and Compliance Officers and College Athletic Departments.  


  • We guide NCAA college administrators and NCAA college coaches in complying with NCAA Rules.  We ease the burden on College Athletic Departments of complying with the complexities of the NCAA Recruiting Process.


The cost of private Athletic Recruiting Counseling can be recouped many times over by the Value Added by a private educational consultant.

Student Athletes are casting a wider net in their college searches because of the ease of information in the Internet age.   All evidence suggests that families are feeling increasingly overwhelmed.  As a result, more and more families are seeking the help of highly-informed private consultants, over either impersonal, high tech Internet recruiting services or overburdened high school guidance counselors and high school sports coaches.

Linda Brower is a graduate of the NCAA’s 2009 Rules Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.  The value of a consultant knowledgeable in college sports recruiting and in how colleges award athletic scholarships in tight economic times cannot be overstated.  

A strong argument in favor of such services is made simply by the value of getting noticed by college coaches, by enlisting the help of the coach in guiding your application through the College Admissions Office and in the possible offer of athletic scholarship aid.  These advantages over the average high school senior are priceless!

Important Disclaimer

While Ms. Brower is an attorney, she is not acting as an attorney or sports agent while serving as a consultant for College Sports Consulting LLC.  The materials appearing on this website are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.  Nothing herein should be construed or interpreted to be legal advice.  This site is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.  No services of College Sports Consulting LLC include or are intended to include legal representation or negotiation services between a prospective college student athlete and anyone else.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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